Adam Crabb

Few family names in Christian music evoke immediate thoughts of music like the name Crabb.  There have been the Winans that certainly blessed us with amazing talent, the Goodmans with their distinct sound, or maybe the Blackwoods as the "original" quartet that toured, hugged babies, and sold records from the back of a station wagon.  However, you would have to look long and hard to find a family in modern history that impacted the Christian music world like the Crabb Family.

This family came on the scene back in the mid 90's with enough energy to plow through most obstacles.  They blessed us with smiles, music, love, an amazing work ethic, and they were eager to share their lives with those of us that watched and loved them back.  It was an overnight success story by most comparisons, with nearly 20 #1 songs, 11 Dove awards and multiple Grammy nods, in less than ten years.  They toured from the Grand Ole Opry, to Africa, and many, many places in between!  This large family extended to include many singers, writers, and musicians.  By 2002, all of the siblings were married, and the need for more buses and strollers was paramount!  The family grew so quickly that it became unreasonable to stay intact as one touring entity.  So in 2007, the "Crabb siblings" decided to step into the destiny that God had prepared for them individually!

As with every beautiful story, there is always a last chapter, and an ending.  But, this ending spawned multiple exciting beginnings!  Stay tuned.....these kids are not finished.  They are just getting started!!

Where are they now?

Jason Crabb - Soloist, Musician
Aaron Crabb - Worship Leader (Cornerstone Church) San Antonio, Texas
Terah Penhollow - Vocalist (Bowling Family)
Kelly Bowling - Vocalist (Bowling Family)
Adam Crabb - Soloist, Musician

Adam has been referred to as the "face of youth" in the Southern Gospel world, often bridging the gap between grandparents, parents and children, with his youthful approach to traditional lyrics.  This young man has traveled well over a million miles, sung on more than a million records (sold) and has seen much of the world as a very young man.  When God handed out gifts and attractiveness, he sure didn't leave him out.  However, if you met him on the street, his unassuming spirit and kind nature would surprise you as it does most.  Adam is what we commonly refer to as a "gentle spirit" or "gentleman."  He has never met a person he didn't love, and he has never seen a problem that was bigger than God.

Adam's musicianship along with his powerful vocal delivery is true to the style that the Crabb Family fan has come to expect and enjoy.  As you would expect, he is committed to ministry and considers this "life" a calling instead of a career.  But one notices quickly that Adam is a perfectionist when it comes to his music.  He possesses immense talent and passion that is uncommon, impossible to teach, and simply given to a few as a special gift straight from Heaven!  To watch him play the harmonica is a pure delight.  His reputation as a studio musician is impressive, but his "home" is truly the "live" performance.  He electrifies a large auditorium with that unbelievably small harmonica.  This is a must see!

"I have a longing to share, and sing these great songs that I grew up singing.  I want to share this music with the next generation.....the ten year olds, and teens that are searching for something to feed their spirit.  The music always breaks down walls.  That is when problems are solved and hearts are mended.  We live in such an imperfect world and this message of salvation and hope is the answer," said Adam.  Jason Crabb continues, "Adam has always been the tender heart, the innocent spirit in our family, but put him on a stage and he is magnetic!  The transformation always amazes me.  Mike Bowling adds, "to hear Adam play Amazing Grace on the harp, and then hear him lead the audience in an a cappella chorus is something you have to experience for yourself.  It is a "moment" that you remember forever."

"Adam is a welcome addition to any concert," states Beckie Simmons.  "He is obviously a favorite of the Crabb Family fan, but he has also found his place with a new audience that appreciates him for his music and story.  I am excited to watch God unfold the plan for Adam."

Adam's newly release Daywind Records’ recording, "Going Places," showcases his talent as well as his heart for people.  The song selection begs for country airplay with a who's who of Christian and Country writers offering their best.  But, make no mistake.  This is a Christian recording.  However, the presentation of this material could stand toe to toe with any country music album recorded on music row.  Excellence, passion, talent, it seems that Adam has much to offer the music lover, especially the music lover that hears with his ears and his heart.

Although the siblings re-unite for a few dates every year, Adam is available for most dates as a soloist for concerts or a worship service.  A pastor recently wrote, "He brings a vibrant message that resonated with our youth." Music ministers and pastors across the country are anxious to weigh in.  A music pastor recently shared, "an evening with Adam is the perfect addition to capture our kids and please the mature audience all in the same evening.  The combination of old and new material, his amazing harmonica playing, a power house vocal range, and that 'down to earth' presentation of the Gospel left my folks wanting him back as soon as possible."

It appears that the best is yet to come for this young man.  Great songs and talent, when surrendered to the calling of ministry, can have but one result…success!  If you have an opportunity to go see Adam sing, do it!!

Adam is touring and is booked exclusively by the Beckie Simmons Agency.

Awards and Honors

  • Adam Crabb has won numerous SGN Music Awards.
  • Besides 11 GMA Dove Awards, Adam received two NARAS Grammy Award nominations.
  • Gospel Music Channel’s Genre Winner for 2008 Album of the Year.
  • Performances at major music festivals from Morocco to Country Music's Fanfare held in Nashville.
  • Performances at Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall, Brooklyn Tabernacle, The Potter's House, to name a few.
  • Performed on 17 #1 songs.
YearAlbumPeak chart positionRecord labelRecord producer
1996Still Holdin' OnZion Records
1996Alive & KickinZion Records
1997Yesterday, Today, & ForeverMorningStar Records
1998Prayer in MotionMorningStar Records
1998Live in NashvilleMorningStar Records
1999Crabb GrassFamily Music Group
2000PrayNew DayWoody Wright
2000Live from KentuckyCrosscutt Records
2001Living out the DreamFamily Music GroupMike Bowling
2003The Walk31DaywindAaron, Adam, & Jason Crabb
2004Crabb Fest Live! 2003DaywindGerald & Kathy Crabb
2004Driven13DaywindAaron, Adam, Jason, Kelly, Jerry Yoder
2005Crabb Fest Live 2004DaywindKathy Crabb, Norman Holland, Eddie Leonard
2005Live at Brooklyn TabernacleDaywindAaron, Adam, Jason, & Kelly
2005The LocketEagle RecordsAaron, Adam, Jason, Mike Bowling, Ben Isaacs
2006Blur the Lines7DaywindAaron, Adam, Jason, Kelly, Bubba Smith
2007Letting Go36DaywindAaron, Adam, Jason, Tre Corley

Gaither Homecoming Video Performances

2001:  What a Time  "Please Forgive Me"
2002:  New Orleans Homecoming  "Through The Fire"
2002:  God Bless America  "The Lion, The Lamb, And The King"
2003:  Red Rocks Homecoming  "The Reason That I'm Standing"
2003:  Dottie Rambo with the Homecoming Friends  "Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City"
2003:  Build A Bridge  "Greater Is He In Me"
2007:  How Great Thou Art  "I'd Rather Have Jesus"