Gospel Singing Caravan picture

"The concert was awesome!  It couldn't have been better.  Our audience was thrilled and several people said that we won't ever be able to top this concert.  Thanks!"  Bluffton, IN

"People bragging on the entire program than probably anything we've ever done.  Thanks."  Lawrenceburg, TN

Gospel Singing Caravan

In 1961, some of most innovative and versatile groups in gospel music put their thinking caps together to form one of the finest entertainment packages in the history of the gospel music industry.  The Gospel Singing Caravan incorporated great artists in a package that filled auditoriums throughout the country.

The Caravan continued for quite a few years.  As Eva Mae often said, "We were coast to coast and border to border."  At the apex of their popularity, the Gospel Singing Caravan was heard on more than forty television stations.  Several former members of the Caravan have said that the saddest day in their professional history came when the Caravan dissolved.

Following in this rich heritage, Mike LeFevre and David Statton of the LeFevre Quartet had a vision to bring this great program back to the fans of Gospel music.  The two men met with Matt Felts of Beyond Measure Marketing and the idea begin to take shape.  The Caravan began to roll again.  Following a meeting in Nashville, TN with the leaders of the Blackwood Brothers, The LeFevre Quartet, the Beckie Simmons Agency and Beyond Measure Marketing, the Gospel Singing Caravan was back.  With the addition of the Chuckwagon Gang, the Gospel Singing Caravan lived up to its heritage by uniting the most popular names in Gospel music.

The Gospel Singing Caravan will begin its debut tour in Spring of 2011.  It is sure to be a historic moment in Gospel music.