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Jerry Golf
Little Jan Buckner Goff

He is a "sought-after" speaker and conducts three day crusades; plus lectures on PSA . . . a course on "Positive Spiritual Attitude" written by Jerry Goff.

Known as "Mr. Gospel Trumpet."

Received the coveted "PEOPLE'S CHOICE" award as #1 Male Vocalist for 1984, presented by the Gospel Music News.

A "Gold Record" winner, presented by Queen City Album & Recording Company.

Received the distinguished "DOVE AWARD" in 1970 for the Best Gospel Album, Graphics & Design.

Has written and recorded many national hit songs . . . some that were #1 nationally are . . . "Please Search The Book Again," "Tear Stains In The Sand," "Where We Ever Shall Be," "Who Do I Know In Heaven," and more, plus many others that were top ten nationally, such as, "I Am Blessed," "Guilty," "Dream About Heaven," "The Tree God Grew," "Tears Will Stop," and the list could go on and on.

JERRY & THE GOFFS were chosen to represent the USA at the WORLD OLYMPICS in Montreal, Canada, 1976.

One of the Founders, and a lifetime member of the Gospel Music Association, (GMA) and served several years as Director.

Has been chosen as an "Honorary Member of the Governor's Staff," or as a "Colonel" to the states of: Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, & Florida.

Has authored many books; some titles are:  "Led By The Spirit," "Grace & Grit," "Joy Comes In The Morning," "Footprints & Memories," and more.

Jerry has written several hundred songs and musical compositions.

He has fifty-one albums to his credit.

He is listed in "WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA."

Was honored by the Gospel Music Association and Music Industry with a "ROAST" for thirty years in Gospel Music and Ministry, 1983.

Jerry served on the Inaugural Committee for President Ronald Reagan.

Served as Chaplain for the Senate of the State of Tennessee.

Dr. Goff is on the staff of Christian Life College as professor of Church History & New Testament Documents.

Has written many nationally recognized poems; his most prominent one is "THE PASTOR."

Wrote his first song at age seven, received his first royalty check at age nine.

Has a puppet patterned after his style and looks, which travels with a national puppet show.

He is an avid athlete with trophies in Fencing, Golf, Handball, Tennis & Basketball.

He sponsors "Dixie Youth Baseball" (Little League teams), his team was National League Champs in 1984.

Does musical concerts at State Fairs, County Fairs, Auditoriums and Churches.  Has held concerts internationally at Zurick, Switzerland:  Lagano, Italy; Jerusalem, Israel and other cities.

Has been instrumental in building schools, orphanages, churches and colleges in Haiti, Mexico, Brazil and other countries.

A quote from THE SINGING NEWS, "The printed voice of Gospel Music," seems to sum it all up in an article about Jerry... it stated, "JERRY GOFF, known affectionately as Mr. Gospel Trumpet, Mr. Personality, and Mr. Enthusiasm, is one of the most versatile and prolific personalities in Gospel Music today.  A staunch Christian, a captivating speaker, an artist, an author, composer, and performer... Jerry fits the title of MR. GOSPEL MUSIC to a 'T'.  The list of Jerry's accomplishments could go on and on.  If there ever was a 'SUPERSTAR' in Gospel Music, it is JERRY GOFF."