Kathy Crabb Hanna & Terah Crabb Penhollow picture

"Kathy and terah are wonderful people.  My ladies enjoyed this day tremendously."  Redfield, AR

"Excellent!"  Morgantown, KY

"Very good presentation."  Birmingham, AL

Kathy Crabb Hannah & Terah Crabb Penhollow

These ladies are amazing additions to any event.  After 10 years Kathy Crabb Hannah has agreed to share her story on a limited scheduling basis.  Kathy's journey is a "one of a kind" faith story, and Terah sings "her" songs like only Terah can sing.  The heart, the bond, and the love between these two is something to be experienced in person.&nbs; 10 years after the divorce that took the label "family" away from this mother/daughter duo, they are still family: Love is stronger.

This is the perfect choice for your ladies event, conference, or church.

The Crabb Family story is that of a blended family with a heart for God that chose love for each other over struggle.  The sweetest "love" story in Christian music is a gripping tale of shocking tragedy, grief, and set back that delivers to readers a refreshing and honest take on God’s mercy, grace, and deliverance.  Kathy Crabb Hannah delivers the behind- the-scenes testimony of triumph.  She was the driving force behind the group’s rise to prominence.  Kathy gives us the never-before-told story of her life with the highs and lows of a child that lost a parent at age 13, a middle school drop-out by age 14, and left for dead by a brutal attack by a random stranger at 17.  She fought for her life and her sanity, and later on for a blended family of six kids.  In 1993, at the age of 37, she made an unlikely bargain with God.  God delivered and Kathy left her six-figure income, bought an old bus, and hit the road with five of her six kids and faith as her constant companion.  The family worked tirelessly, driven by love for God and for each other.  Today, through the ministry of the Crabb Family, hundreds of thousands have come to know Christ.  They have won countless awards and performed on famous stages all over the world.  Along the way, Kathy has been a part of an unprecedented 25 #1 songs.  Her story is not the typical "rise to prominence" testimony that we often see in Christian music, it is not about awards, or success, or #1 songs.  It's about truth, and love, and heartbreak, and grief, but above all it’s about the faithfulness of God.  It's the story of love being thicker than blood.  It's raw and real.&nsp; Kathy has seen the world from a mountaintop, but she had to fight to get there.  After hearing her story you will appreciate the journey of this family even more than before.  Everyone has a story, and you will be thankful if you go share in this one!

Terah Crabb Penhollow is a Grammy nominated, multiple Dove award winning singer.  However, the awards, success, and stellar accomplishments that Terah has been blessed to enjoy are not what one remembers about Terah.  Terah is famous for her smile, her loving concern for all, and her ability to sing from her soul with the authority that we rarely see in a vocalist.  She owns a song while she sings it, and she owns the audience with that unassuming personality.  Terah exudes talent, but beyond that, she has a special calling during this season of her life.  Terah is a wonderful addition to any event, service, or conference.