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"Don't Sit In My Pew" Laughin' With The Lovelaces

"Everything That Won't Be There" Laughin' With The Lovelaces

"Tim put on a blessed event!!  Proverbs 17:22 'A Merry heart doeth good like medicine.'  Everyone there got enough laughter to replace a whole bunch of medicine!  Praise the Lord for Tim and his ministry, he touched a lot of lives that night."  Shinnston, WV

"This was the best decision I ever made having Tim here.  Not only is he a great comedian, emce but a true minister of the word of God."  Bridgewater, ME

"Tim was awesome, I am going to recommend him for some of our sister churches!  He did a great job, and was a joy to be around!"  Marysville, OH

"Everyone had a great time with Tim.  People were laughing and some crying with Tim.  We were very pleased.  Thank you!!!!"  Cumming, GA

Tim Lovelace

Comedian, Musician, Motivational Speaker
Tim Lovelace is one funny man!

As a nationally sought after comedian, musician and motivational speaker, Tim Lovelace has been described as the most versatile comedian on stage today.  His award-winning musical talents, coupled with his crystal clean humor have people of all ages laughing their ribs loose!

With over three decades of world travel under his performance belt, he has developed his concerts into more than just a great show.  He uses humor for a purpose—to motivate and inspire by sharing life lessons through his unique delivery.  He is a masterful storyteller, and his heart for others always comes shining through.  That is the reason Tim is in great demand for corporate meetings, churches, conventions and concerts of various genres.

Tim’s chart-topping comedy songs are continuously aired on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio as well as other radio stations around the country.  His comedy has been featured on videos that have garnered both gold and platinum sales awards.

Tim’s passion for life is contagious and effectual.  The excitement in his speaking engagements and comedy concerts cannot be described–they must be experienced.

Tim Lovelace is one funny man who not only wants people to laugh, but most importantly to discover real joy and happiness for this journey of life!