About Beckie Simmons Agency . . .

Beckie Simmons has been an industry force for more than 20 years, and known for her hard work, enthusiasm and integrity.  As co-owner of Century II Promotions, she took virtually unknown musicians and developed them into some of the most well known and best-selling Southern Gospel artists in the country.  Since June 1997, she has done what very few people in her position have done even once – she has put together yet another very successful second agency, BSA / Beckie Simmons Agency, which is one of the premier artist agencies in Southern Gospel music.

Her professional and administrative team includes son Todd, daughter-in-law Melinda Hames, Dixie McKeithen, Matthew Hames, Judy Montgomery and Ann Smith.  Each of these talented individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to BSA.  Together they represent some of the finest groups touring today who rely on BSA for all of their appearance needs.  At BSA, their goal is to get the Word out through song by bringing the artist and the promoter together smoothly and efficiently, and then get out of the way and let God do His work.  "We don’t want to be conspicuous, but we DO want to make the concerts go off without a hitch.  The less the audience hears about us, the better we’ve done our job".

If you would like more information on the Beckie Simmons Agency, or would like to setup a concert please give us a call or shoot us an email.  At BSA, you’ll find all the assistance you need to make your concert or event a success, and you can be assured that BSA will do everything possible to get the job done right – every concert, every time.