11th Hour

11th Hour

It has been a decade of ministry, a decade of Spirit-filled gospel music, a decade of songs rich in the Word, a decade of seeing souls saved and lives changed for the kingdom, a decade of encouraging the Church, a decade of bringing glory to God, our Father.

"There is no thing more fulfilling than ministering to the body of Christ and sharing the gospel," says Amber.  "Every dream we have ever had, God has already fulfilled.  He never ceases to amaze us!"

It’s true.  Over the last ten years of traveling on the road, 11th Hour has seen God do some incredible things.  Three incredible records later and a recording contract with Crossroads Music, Amber, Grant, and Jaquita have never been more excited to see what God has in store next.

"I started the group with two friends of mine from my home church when I was 16 years old," says Amber.  "I look back and see God’s faithful hand throughout the years and all I can say is:  faith definitely works when put into action and you really trust in the Father."

Grant and Jaquita joined the group as an act of obedience to God’s calling.  "I had such a love for Southern Gospel music that after graduating college, I knew it was not only a passion but also a call, so 11th Hour was clearly the next step to what He had set apart for me," shares Grant.

Jaquita remembers when Amber called her about joining the group.  "I had traveled with them a few times and God was very clear to tell me not to close the door."

Beyond an obedient spirit, with musical influences such as Karen Peck and New River, the Perrys, Gold City, and the Kingsmen, you can only imagine that 11th Hour has stayed fresh and relevant while maintaining a versatile sound, able to lead congregations in moving times of worship.

After reaching high acclaim, in 2012, 11th Hour signed a recording contract with Crossroads Music Group.  "The doors of opportunity that a recording contract opened up were incredible.  We had a support that would help us reach more and more people for the Kingdom," says Amber.

And with that support, 11th Hour has done just that.  They’ve had multiple Top 10 Singing News hits and been nominated for numerous awards in Southern Gospel music such as Singing News Trio of the Year and AGM Album of the Year, while Amber was nominated for Soprano of the Year.

In 2014, 11th Hour took home the Sunrise Award at the SGN Scoops Diamond Awards.  "It has been such an honor receiving support from people you respect and admire," shares Amber.  "God has so much more in store for us as we travel and bring glory to His name."

There’s so much more work to be done as these three continue to step out in faith.  Amber, Grant, and Jaquita, are ready to go wherever the Lord opens doors, singing and proclaiming the good news of Jesus.

Hometown:Monroe, LA
Where you reside now:Monroe, LA for now
Marital status:Single
Home church:Harmony Baptist Church
What part do you sing:Soprano/Alto
Favorite color:Red
Salvation experience:My whole life, I have been around ministry work & church people. I thought I was saved because I was around religion and saved people. I come to the realization at the age of 15 that I had known all about Jesus but I didn’t know Him on a personal level. It was at a revival my Dad was preaching at that I got saved and now I know to the fullest, there is a difference in knowing about Jesus than actually knowing and having a relationship with Him.
How long have you been singing/playing:I’ve been singing since before I could talk. My first word as a baby was “I feel like chicken tonight” from a commercial on tv. I started singing that around the house as a baby. Definitely a Baptist baby singing about chicken. haha
Favorite bible scripture:I will sing unto the LORD as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being. – Psalm 104:33
Favorite song:Come Thou Fount/ Haven of Rest
Favorite performer(s):Etta James and the original Hinsons
Favorite musician(s):Tommy Emmanuel
Favorite tv show:Chicago Fire/ Chicago PD/ Nashville
Favorite movie:A League of Their Own
Favorite sports teams:St Louis Cardinals/Auburn Football
Favorite vacation spot:Ireland (never been but it’s BEAUTIFUL)
Favorite gum:Orbit
Favorite snack:Too many to name. haha
Favorite drink:Coke Zero
Favorite dessert:Creme Brulee
Favorite food:Italian
Favorite restaurant:Rodizios Brazilian Steakhouse
Favorite hobby:CrossFit
Favorite city you have seen on the road:Nashville
When i’m home you can find me doing:Hanging out with my family & friends, writing, & going to my home church.
Person who most inspires you:My Granny Lola
Person you always wanted to be like:My Mom, she’s a true saint.
Things I enjoy about the road and what I do:Seeing people changed and meeting new friends.  I love traveling with my best friends.  I’m blessed.
Things i dislike about the road:Traveling many hours just to spend 2 or 3 with your friends in a service then having to leave.
Something people may not know about you:I love Jazz and Blues music
What is your most memorable experience on the road (funny or serious):
Funny:A man came up to the table and asked for me to sing "Adam’s Rib" (Adam’s Fall)
Serious:There was an email from a guy telling that it was our music that saved him from committing suicide and he was saved shortly after that period in his life.  He is now faithful and fully serving at his church.

Birthdate:January, 10, 1986
Hometown:Jasper, AL
Where you reside now:Jasper, AL
Marital status:Single
How long have you been singing/playing:since I was 14
What part do you sing:second tenor
Favorite bible scripture:Romans 1:16
Favorite song:Calvary Answers For Me
Favorite color:Blue
Home church:Gardendale First Baptist Church
Salvation experience:I was saved at a church revival when I was 13 years old
Favorite performer(s):Rusty Goodman, Loren Harris, Arthur Rice
Favorite musician(s):Ethan Allen
Favorite tv show:Blacklist
Favorite movie:Star Wars
Favorite sports teams:Auburn Football, STL Cardinals
Favorite vacation spot:Panama City Beach
Favorite gum:juicy fruit
Favorite snack:Sweet Heat potato chips
Favorite drink:Sweet Tea, Coke Zero
Favorite dessert:Banana Pudding
Favorite food:BBQ
Favorite restaurant:Saws Soul Kitchen
Favorite hobby:my fish tank
Favorite city you have seen on the road:San Deigo, Ca
When I’m home you can find me doing:spending time with friends
Person who most inspires you:the several missionaries I’ve met traveling overseas
Person you always wanted to be like:I want to be a person who makes a difference for Christ!
Things I enjoy about the road and what i do:I enjoy hearing stories of how the songs and testimonies we share touch others lives.
Things I dislike about the road:tearing down the sound equipment
Something people may not know about you:I didn’t grow up singing.
What is your most memorable experience
on the road (funny or serious):
singing at the national quartet convention

Birthdate:January, 10, 1986
Birthday:Aug 22
Hometown:Camden, AR but live in Benton
Marital status:SINGLE ??
Home church:Benton 1st Assembly of God
How long have you been singing:since age 8
Color:black & pink
Bible verse:Psalm 37:4
Favorite song:Moving Forward by Ricardo Sanchez
Salvation:Been raised in church my whole life but it finally hit home about the age of 28 that there was more to it than just showing up for church.
Favorite performers:Third Day
Musician:Josh Wilson
TV show:Friends
Movie:hope floats
Vacation spot:Disney world & the beach
Gum:watermelon flavored
Snack:anything gummy (worms, bears, etc)
Drink:COFFEE ?? and coke zero
Dessert:German choc cake
Favorite hobby:being crafty
Favorite city on the road:Branson
At home you can find me:doing hair, spending time with friends & family
Person who inspires me the most:Libbi Stuffle
Person to be like:my mamaw Lindsey
Things i enjoy about the road:laughing with the gang, Meeting new people, going to different places
What i do on the road:take naps!
Dislikes about the road:miss my family, friends & Roxie
Something people don’t know:I played the drums growing up
Most memorable moment on the road:The guy coming up on the stage wanting amber to sing just a little talk with Jesus and later taking his glass eye out to show her!