Dalton Gang picture

"Our people loved the Daltons!"  Park Hill, OK

"They were great, enjoyed greatly!"  Stigler, OK

"They were very personable and down to earth. Very easy to work with."  Minden, LA

"Everyone I spoke with after the concert said they were very impressed with the group.  I had never heard them before myself but they are a great family and we felt as if we had known them a long time."  Grovetown, GA

Dalton Gang

The Dalton Gang is entertaining, talented and most of all music ministers. They skillfully blend music and testimony. As the concert unfolds, it’s hard to sit through the Dalton Gang’s concert without getting involved - singing along and worshipping with them.

Perhaps the most important element of their presentation is Tom’s unique ability to establish a rapport with his listeners. It is evident that he desires to reach out and impact the lives of the audience; encouraging them to love one another so that Christ will be glorified in their lives.

Their country style, superb family harmony and lively presentation takes them coast to coast. The Dalton Gang has played at the White House in Washington, DC, on concert stages (Ohio State Fair, Dollywood, Renfro Valley, Kentucky Apple Festival), and many churches including Greentree Ministries in Atlantic City, NJ and Dr. Stewart McBernie’s church in Glendale, CA.

The Dalton Gang’s music is heard nationally on Christian radio and television. “There’s Always A Rainbow” and “There Is Strength In The Lord”, played by Salem’s southern gospel music network, SOLID GOSPEL, sent encouragement to millions and prompted response from across the nation. The Dalton Gang has enjoyed Top 20 songs nationally. Tom has written songs recorded by some of Southern Gospel Music’s most popular groups such as the McKameys, Spencers and the Singing Cookes. They have been seen by millions on Christian television such as TBN, GMT, PTL, CTN, Daystar, Dove and many syndicated and local programs.

During the 1990’s, the two Daltons joined Nashville’s music industry when a health issue forced the Dalton Gang into a sabbatical from full-time ministry. Although Tom and Cheryl were not actively touring at the time, they continued to be active in developing and establishing many other gospel music artists. Tom worked on Nashville’s Music Row where he was Marketing Director for Multimedia/Music City News’ GOSPEL VOICE magazine. He also founded Brentwood Talent and Marketing, a promotions and management company with clients such as the Crabb Family, Sparrow Records, Charlie Daniels, Marty Raybon, Andy Griffith, and Bill Gaither & the Homecoming Corporation.

In 2001, they again picked up their tour schedule and put the Dalton Gang back on the road.

Sincerity and dedication just begin to describe the Dalton Gang. They’re real. Real people. Singing about real salvation and real hope through the Lord Jesus Christ.




APPEARANCES - The Dalton Gang has been spotlighted as Christian entertainment of these special events

TELEVISION The Dalton Gang has been seen by millions via television



Born in southern Ohio, Tom Dalton started singing in his home church as a young boy.  In 1978, Joe and Lilly Isaacs (The Isaacs) took Tom with them on tour and, in Tennessee, introduced him to Cheryl Looper.  In 1980, Cheryl became his wife and one year later they formed the popular Dalton Gang.  It was Tom’s name and lively personality that earmarked the group with their unusual name--Dalton Gang.  Tom has written songs recorded by some of Southern Gospel Music most popular groups such as the McKameys, Spencers, and the Singing Cookes.  He is often compared to Dwight Thompson, Glen Campbell and Larry Gatlin.

EARLY LIFETom grew up on a diary farm near Fort Ancient, Ohio.
SIBLINGSOne sister who is eight years older than Tom.  She married and left home when Tom was eleven.
POINTS OF INTERESTTom began driving at eight years old because his dad needed help on the farm.  By eleven, he was taking his mom to the store.  He taught his mom how to drive when she was fifty... He's always been an outlaw.
HOBBIESLandscaping, reading, Internet surfing and emails
  • Director of GOSPEL VOICE magazine, owned by Multimedia, and later Gannett.
  • Marketing Director of MUSIC CITY NEWS, a monthly country music magazine and parent publication to GOSPEL VOICE.
  • Owner of BRENTWOOD TALENT AND MARKETING, an artist management and promotions firm, that managed the Crabb Family, Melody Boys Quartet, Chandlers, Tammy Jones Robinette and developed and implimented promotions for Bill Gaither's Homecoming Corporation (including reformation of the Statesmen), Spring Hill Records (including the Gaither Gospel Series), and Sparrow Records (including Marty Raybon, Charlie Daniels and Andy Griffith).


Cheryl Looper Dalton, a native of middle Tennessee, was reared in a gospel music family.  She worked with her father, Coleman Looper, in full-time music ministry from the early age of fifteen.  Cheryl is well known for her unique vocal which blends influences of country and bluegrass with her beloved traditional gospel.  She has been compared to greats like Kate Smith and Judy Garland.

CHILDHOOD"I grew up on Looper Mountain overlooking Dry Holler...'Hollow,' for you city folk... in Overton County, Tenneessee.  Everyone played music.  My dad was gone every weekend playing music."
SIBLINGSFour brothers and one sister.  "I'm the oldest of the six.  I was twenty when my little sister, Candace, was born.  She was two when Tom and I married... Dad said we were 'Alpha and Omega.'"
GREATEST INFLUENCESMy parents.  My dad was a deacon when I was home and after I married, he announced his calling to preach.  Mom and Dad's commitment to the Lord and to each other have been a constant light for me... I see myself more as a deacon's daughter rather than a PK."
OF INTERESTMy grandpa, Lon, lived to be 100 years old and my grandma, Roxie, 86.  They lived in Hanging Limb, Tennessee... A scary thought for Tom when he went to meet them.  "My grandma greeted him by saying, 'You a Yankee, ain't ye boy.'" (She loved Tom. He called her Foxy Roxie.)
FAVORITE COLORGreen--any shade
FAVORITE BIBLE VERSERomans 8:28... "And we know that all things work together for the good of them that love God; to them who are called according to his purpose."


The trio sound is completed by Tom and Cheryl’s daughter, Troye.  "Home to me is this bus.  It seems I’ve spent most of my life here--and I love it!"  A favorite with the audience, they often report to the parents that Troye is the highlight.

NAMETroye is the namesake of Tom's infant brother who was named after his great uncle.  Cheryl also had a great uncle Troy.  It's family.  It's a good thing.
FAVORITE COLORPink --- anything and everything PINK.
HOBBIESAn avid reader and derives great joy from decorating.
PETSMandolin Monroe is the latest addition to the gang.  The toy schnauzer's bark is much bigger than anything else about her.  Troye doesn't look much like a farmer (she enjoys her bling) but she does own a pair of gum boots and bibbed overalls just in case, in our travels, there is a new baby to see.